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About Us

Dial-A-Weight is a trusted South African manufacturer and distributor of wheel maintenance repair products which was established in 1991.

Dial-A-Weight is located in Booysens Reserve, Johannesburg.

Dial-A-Weight offers a large range of services and repair products to fulfil the requirements of the wheel and tyre industry.

Services include repairs done on Impact Wrenches, Die Grinders, Airtools, Trolley Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Torque Wrenches, Branding Irons and Gauges. Calibration certificates are also available if required for gauges.

Products supplied - include alignment, fitment, balancing and repair parts and equipment. These are available for the aviation, agricultural and automotive industries.

We also supply general workshop and office cleaning products.

Contact us to find out what we can offer or browse our online catalogue for more information.